KGF Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5(Hindi Dubbed)

Short Review: Another Bahubali has arrived at Cinema halls without Kattapa. Do visit him.

Direction: Prashanth Neel has taken huge risk in his second outing with KGF. He can be consider as visionary director after S.S. Rajamaouli and S.Shankar. First half dedicated to image builder for Yash and Second half for execution. Good thing about direction, Prashanth switched brilliantly from super fast action sequence with gangster war to Leader of weak people from Gold Mines.

Performance: Yash is sure shot the star performer of this first chapter. Since from the beginning, he carried the momentum and he has all abilities to become next Bahubali of Indian cinema. I feel bad that Srinidhi Shetty did not get enough frame. Ramachandra Raju as Garuda look like Devil and perfect villain for chapter 1.

Script: Story is really engaging and entertaining and credit goes to once again captain Prashanth Neel. He used teaching from mother as the way for hero’s target in the life. Killing of innocents in Kolar Gold mines used as get link for killing of evil guards in front of all public. Even climax was really great but it failed to triggered wave of curiosity like Bahubali: Beginning.

Dialogues: Action movie need good dialogue so that people can enjoy the action sequences with more entertainment.It is really good to see great dialogues in Hindi dubbed version. e.g. “Duniya ki sarvshreshth Yoddha Maa hoti hain”(Translate: Mother is the greatest warrior of the world).

Music and Background Score: There was two songs present in Hindi dubbed version. First one was Salaam Rocky Bhai which remind you soundtrack from Bahubali. Second one was Item song by Mouni Roy. Music can be better for Hindi version as we missed music like Bahubali Series. Background score was really impressive one.

Box-office: On Day 1, Zero has earned 20 crores and KGF has earned 18 crores due to less number of screen counts. This figure may be change in coming days or week due to better words of mouth.

Last Words: This movie can be better plan to celebrate Christmas with your family and friends.

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